Saturday, May 19, 2018

#100dayproject#100daysofpurposefulwalking May 13 to May 19 days 41 to 47

Day 41

Day 42

Day 43

Day 44

Day 45

Day 46

Day 47

This was a very busy week; but, I walked everyday.  Here are my observations

  • I have to be careful not to overdo it.  On Tuesday I ended up walking over 7 miles.  My phone died at 4.88, but I walked a lot more after that because of the event I was attending.  This really tuckered me out on Wednesday
  • It is fun walking on the strip, will have to try that again before it gets too hot.
  • Because I am walking 7 days a week, I have to pace myself.
  • My stamina is increasing and I am losing inches which is good
  • I am a morning person, so morning walks are much more appealing.
Looking forward to next week and what adventures I can have.  Until next week......

Saturday, May 12, 2018

#100dayproject#100daysofpurposefulwalking May 6 to May 12 days 34 to 40

Day 34: Red Rose

Beautiful Red Rose

Day 35 Love the pink

The pink caught my eye 

Day 36 Time for prayer
Meditating in between walks

Day 37 Cute Cactus

Two days before there was a yellow blossom, it disappeared  sigh

Day 38 A miracle

Blossoming cactus, so pretty

Day 39 The shadow is interesting

I love this bush

Day 40 Life walking today

The yellow blossoms intrigue me

Observations for the week:

  • I cannot count.  Keeping up with the number of days is getting challenging,  I am going to have to keep a journal and write down the day.
  • I am amazed at my determination.  40 straight days of walking. Listening to music and walking along
  • Hot days are a challenge but not impossible.
  • I am sleeping better because a sister gets tired.
  • Neighbors are waving me as I pass by, that is cool.
10 more days and I will be halfway through the Challenge.  Wow.

Until next week.......

Saturday, May 05, 2018

#100dayproject#100daysofwalking Week 4 April 29-May 5

Day 26

Smells so good

Day 27

Day 28
A park on my walk

Day 29
Love the color of this bush

Day 30

Statue on my church campus

Day 31
My Neighborhood

Day 32
Palm tree with green seeds

Day 33
Neighbor's Shrine
Another week has come to a close.  Time goes by so fast.  I changed the same of the second half of the hash tag to #100daysofpurposefulwalking.  A friend remarked that because I do not drive I walk a lot and that is sort of true.  There is a great difference between a quarter mile here and a half mile there; and, walking with a distinct purpose and determined consistency.  When I get up everyday with the purpose of getting in at least miles, I am doing it to be more mindful of my health.  As I move toward my 70th decade, I am more focused in being present in my health regime.

It is amazing what you see as you walk that on other occasions you may miss.  Taking a photo during the walk adds fun to the process as I try to find something different each day.

What I learned this week:

  • I proved to myself that I can get in 4 miles - woo hoo
  • weather is about to change so I better be realistic and follow my 2.5 miles a day regime mostly in the morning
  • Walking with a purpose helps me stay focused.
  • Completed the first 30 days of walking it was an exciting fete.
  • Started on next 30 day installment of my walking, more determined than ever.
Until next week, keep moving friends........

Saturday, April 28, 2018

#100dayproject#100daysofwalking Week 3 April 22 to April 28

Day 20: A nice Sunday Evening Walk  
Corner of Pebble and Green Valley Parkway

Pretty bush in front of my complex

1.59 miles 4,200 steps. Consistency and important thing to remember. I was walking this evening knowing I would not get two miles in today according to my app; but, it was a busy at day at church and I was a little tired when I came home. I read a post from a fellow 100 day project member who is also walking; however, her resolve was to get her body moving and enjoy the act of walking without obsessing about miles, time walked or steps, just the beauty of the walk. Interesting concept, then as I was walking through the complex a gentleman talking on his phone stopped and said, you are really consistent with your walking, I see you everyday, keep it up. Consistency that is so important. Today's photo's are from the neighborhood at dusk.

Day 21: Grocery Day

Beautiful foliage everywhere

It is amazing how much walking can be done doing the necessary act of grocery shopping. I was able to log over 2 miles, walking to the grocery store, deliberately walking up and down aisles looking for the best deals and walking home. I add steps and distance by walking around the parking lot before heading home. I am learning to be strategic and make the most of an outing. 2.28 miles and 7,200 steps today.

Day 22: Paying Attention

Beautiful Colors

Today I had a test for Osteoporosis.  I have to have this test every two years because of the Letrozole I take to hopefully deter the return of breast cancer.  In the past I have taken a cab to and from the appointments; however, today I chose to take the bus.  As a result, I was able to log 2.89 miles during that trip.  I took the opportunity to walk from Sunset and Mountain View to Green Valley Parkway with a detour to the dollar store. I also walked a longer way home and a half trip around the complex. The flower above just bloomed and I just love the shape and color.

Day 23:  I love the heartiness of these plants

Cactus casting shadows

Hearty Plants in the Desert
Sometimes keeping a commitment to yourself causes the need for ingenuity and determination.  Today was a really busy day.  I kept thinking about how I would fit in a walk, and I am so glad that I realized that the number of miles is not as important as getting out there and moving my body.  Anyway, I had a limited window and it was during the beginning of the heat of the day here in the desert.  This has been a warm week and on other days I got my walk in during the morning when it is much cooler. Well let me tell you, this definitely will not be an ongoing event.  I logged a little over a mile an a half before I went home.  This event proved my theory that as we inch toward summer I will need to walk in the morning and late in the evening.   Also, over the next week I am going to try walking at the Mall.  There are so many options.

Day 24:  Morning walks are wonderful

Yellow and Burgundy ground cover

Burgundy one of my favorite colors

The walk for today may be in two parts.  Morning walk very pleasant and logged 2.22 miles and 6,200 stops.  However, the plan is go out as the sun goes down for another two times around the complex.  If this works, I will have solidified my summer plan.  The flowers in the photo are ground cover with the most colorful blooms. Did not go out for the evening walk.  Just too tired.

Day 25:  Life gets more interesting with intention

I love these blossoms
Today was a day of running errands.  I got off of the bus at Sunset and Stephanie and decided to add in extra steps while walking to Targets.  I walked from Sunset to Galleria street, I found out this is a mile; then I turned around and walked back to Targets and shopped.  When I got back to the bus stop on Sunset, I had logged 1.84 miles, this is good to know.  When you look at your tasks and then add in extra miles, you can meet your walking goals.  

Day 26: Another Week completed

The most beautiful fragrance
Another week completed. I am really happy that I have been so consistent and determined. This week I logged 17.38 miles. I set a goal of 15 miles a week in my app, so that is the least I want to accomplish each week which averages 2.5 miles a day.

Observations for this week:

  • Walking is making me pay closer attention to my surroundings which is really good.
  • I love thinking of ways to get in my miles
  • I think I am losing inches (great by product of walking)
  • It is getting easier to walk 2 miles
  • Do not walk in the heat of the day, really not smart
  • Walking makes me drink more water which is also good.
  • Cannot wait to see what next week brings
Thanks for stopping by.....pilgrim

Saturday, April 21, 2018

#100dayproject#100daysofwalking Days 13 to 19 (April 15 to April 21)

Day 13:  Just another Sunday

A far new of the Mountains

I have been in Henderson for nearly 11 years and I still do not know the names of all the mountains that surround the valley.  I should say that I know the names, just cannot figure out which is which.  I do love looking at them.  Today I walked 2.29 miles.  It was a good walk.

Day 14:  Walking my little legs off

Flowers at Green Valley Ranch

More of the neighborhood

One More

Today was my appointment with my medical oncologist.  Dr. Allison is retiring so I am seeing the new doctor Dr. Tibayan.  Seems really nice and is following Dr. Allison's protocol, so I am happy.  Boy did I do a lot of walking.  It is official that I have lost 33 pounds since last June.  Dr. is really pleased.  I will continue to work, on my goal to get healthy.

Day 15:  Beginning to love walking

Outside of my house

Love the blooms

Day 16:  Walking even when I do not feel like it

Bottlebrush plant 

Day 17:  Wanted to take a photo of the Green Valley Ranch Vineyard

Grape vines and cypres trees

another able of grape vines
Resting spot after my walk

Today was an adventure in walking.  I was going to walk from my house to the district, but I have to cross the freeway and one part of that crossing can be a little dangerous, so I decided to take the bus across the freeway and take a nice walk. Part of that walk led me past the small vineyard owned and operated by Green Valley Ranch Casino.  I have seen it from a far and wanted to take a photo of it so off I went.  My adventure led me on a 2.39 miles adventure around the casino campus.  I also walked .27 miles to the bus stop this morning for a total of 2.66 miles today and 6957 steps.  I am enjoying coming up with periodic adventures.

Day 18 - In Front of the Library

Statue of kids playing in a pool

kid in pool
 In the front of the Green Valley Library there are statues of children playing in pools; however, there is never any water in the pool.  One can imagine why the pool remains empty.  Liability Insurance, danger of children jumping in and falling; water preservation in the desert.  Interesting

Sunny day in the desert

Waiting for the bus

Busy day today.  Church, quick run to grocery store for Sunday Church goodies and then a walk around the complex.

Total for week 16.71 miles

  • So as not to overwhelm myself, I have broken-down this project into 30 day increments.  This sounds a whole lot better than 100 days.
  • It is getting easier to walk 2 miles and it is enjoyable
  • need to start working out plan for days that the heat is high.
  • doctor is pleased that I have started this plan.
Until next healthy my friends.  Pilgrim

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Week 2 #100dayproject#100daysofwalking April 8 - 14

Day 6:  Evening Walk

Flowers outside of my complex
Day 7 Walking around the apartment complex
Love Me some Sammys
Flowers at church

Day 8 Meetings and more meetings

Morning Walk to Church

Day 9:  Life gets you miles
Green Valley Ranch the District

Green Valley Ranch Casino

Day 10  Windy days keep you cool

Water Tank my next-door neighbor

Day 11  Working toward consistency

My Apartment complex
Day 12:  Almost forgot to log some miles
Post office run

Observations for this week:

  1. Going to need to mark off days on a calendar to keep up with the numbers of days. Since the project started on April 3rd, it can get confusing.
  2. getting off the bus one mile before my intended location is a great way to get in my miles
  3. I am really sleeping better by getting this exercise
  4. Walked a total of 19.19 miles this week
  5. I am enjoying this project; but, I have to keep everything in perspective. Some days may only be a mile, but as long as I am walking it all counts.
  6. Consistency is the key.
Until next week.....pilgrim